Future Makkah 2014, took place on 4-6 May 2014, and featured some of the Kingdom's most influential leaders with 16 presentations, 10 panelists and diverse discussion topics. We were honored to host Eng. Nawaf Bakr Binladin, senior representative of Saudi Binladin Group, Dr. Adnan Ahmed Albar, former General Director of Healthcare, Makkah Province, Eng Fahad Almubarak, Advisor to General Secretariat of Supreme Hajj Committee and many more.

Chaired by Dr. Ibrahim al Ghofaily, Founder and CEO of Arriyada Financial and Economic Consultant Centre, the Islamic finance discussion on financing for Makkah's mega projects featured Dr. Omar Hafiz and Eng. Tarek Al Kasabi, Board Member of Bank al Jazira. The Future Makkah Opening discussion with Bawabat CEO, Makiyoon Urban Developers' CEO, Vice Chairman of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, and Senior Representative Eng. Nawaf Bakr Binladin of Saudi Binladin Group, created confidence and strength for all, as panelist reviewed their projects and explained the strategic growth from here on. Eng Fahad Almubarak and Shuja Zaidi, VP Projects, Makkah Hilton and Towers, showcased projects on hospitality, the Jamarat Bridge, the Grand Expansion and City Sustainability. Mohammed Serroukh, Abdulrahman Alshahwan, Prof. Al Zahrain and Dr. Emad Felemban presented studies and examples of Makkah's future smart infrastructure, multimodality and crowd control techniques that represent major concerns to policy makers and executers as pilgrims grow by the millions, and space remains limited. Mobily's and Tabreed initiatives to cater to smart technology showed immeasurable support to the expansion project. Chaired by Eng. Tarek Kasabi, topics in discussion remained candid and informative. Speakers featured during healthcare and utilities were Dr. Adnan Ahmed Albar, Eng. Sobhi Batterjee, Founder and CEO of Saudi German Hospitals Group, Dr. Ismail Al Mohammed, Director General of Umm Al Qura Hospital, Dr. Saleh Alawji and representative from the Ministry of Electricity and Water Magdi Rashad, Business Development Directore, Saudi Tabreed, Eng. Hesham Al Felali, CEO, Al Mahmal Company, Marwan Al Ahmadi, Chief Business Officer, Mobily, and Prof. Jaafar A. Sabbagh. CEO of Sabbagh Engineering Consultants and Associates.

As we move forward into the future, we remain supportive to Makkah's development vision, and look forward to grow alongside of it. The Future Makkah team would like to thank all speakers, guests and delegates for attending Future Makkah 2014. We would like to also thank our Official Supporter, Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, Silver Sponsor, Geographic Technologies, Supporting Association, ITS-Arab, and all members of the media who took part in the event.

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Quote by Dr. Usama Al-Bar

The development projects, the future ones and the ones currently being undertaking, are valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars.
Dr. Usama Al-Bar,
Head of Makkah Municipality,
talking about the Makkah Development Project.

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